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e conduct industry specific sales training for transportation brokers.  There are thousands of companies who offer sales training but the biggest complaint we hear from customers is the majority of their training sessions are too generic. The difference we offer is that we know the business and understand the challenges brokers are facing in today’s sales environment.

We have over 30 years experience in transportation and are actively involved in the freight brokerage industry every day. We can react quickly to an ever changing business because we stay on top of industry trends. Sales techniques that worked three or six months ago may not work today and your sales force has to have the tools to stay ahead of the changes.

- Private online and telephone freight broker training and freight sales agent training sessions specific to your company’s goals in which we deal with issues unique to your company.

- Your company can choose three 30 minute sessions per month or one 45 minute session.

- Participants are encouraged to participate in the discussion and we allow time at the end for a question and answer session. Those who need to leave the meeting after the training will miss only the Q & A.

- For self employed or independent freight broker agents, personalized training or coaching may the best solution for you. Call 951-308-0049 to schedule a time to speak with an instructor.

Monthly webinars are open  to anyone in the transportation brokerage industry, topics are published in advance of registration; you can choose only the ones you wish to attend or choose a quarterly, semiannual or annual subscription.

Webinars are 45 to 60 minutes in length and participants are asked to submit specific transportation sales questions in advance; the speaker will choose several to address during the session. Questions may also be submitted during the session and will be answered as time allows or after the end of the webinar.




To enroll or speak with a counselor who will explain course options and answer questions please email us.

The success of every student is very important to us and we feel the best way to communicate is person to person by phone rather than email. We want to arrange a time to speak with you to fully understand your questions, concerns and goals so please include your phone number and let us know the best time to reach you so you can set aside time to talk.

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